LANDSCAPE     上海滴翠園林綠化有限公司
成立于2010年,帶著情懷,一步一步走來,懷揣初心。 主營業務:庭院景觀 別墅花園 民宿 星級酒店 高端會所 私人莊園等空間的外景觀設計、施工以及景觀石材供應。尤其擅長疊山理水,崇尚自然,返璞歸真,由心造境。




Shanghai Drip Chui Garden Greenery Co., Ltd., established in 2010,with feelings, step by step, with the initial heart. Main business: courtyard landscape villa garden residential star hotel high-end private clubhouse space design, construction and landscape stone supply. In particular, he is good at stacking mountains and waters, advocating nature, returning to the truth, and creating the environment from the heart.